Incredibly Fast Films Limited was officially formed in June of 2000, firstly as a production vehicle for the feature-length movie It All Happens Incredibly Fast, but ultimately as an entity to develop and produce a variety of film and video projects.

It is the intention of Incredibly Fast Films that these projects will be both accessibly entertaining and creatively challenging; movies in which you will explore that strange, unknowable land where the alternative edge smashes against the commercially viable, and from which you may not come back alive!

At least, thats the plan.

Jai Dixit - Writer/Director

As a student in the York University Film Studies program Jai Dixit graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in screen writing and film production. Subsequently, he has written and collaborated on more than a dozen screenplays. It All Happens Incredibly Fast was written over the course of three years and is Mr. Dixit's first feature film as writer-director.

His short film, The Puzzle of Easy Enlightenment, was an entry at the Student Film Academy Awards in Los Angeles where it received a nomination for Best Foreign Film in addition to receiving recognition at the annual awards ceremony of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers in the student film category and has been aired frequently on both First Choice and Space the Imagination Station in Canada.

Mr. Dixit has received positive notice for his directing, and editing of the music video Our Home and Native Land, performed by The Gravity Show, his work as a story board artist, and his critical writing on film for City Search. In addition, he has recived development funding for The Otherpeople and Sweet Nothings, two co-written screenplays, from the Ontario Film Development Corporation and The Foundation to Underwrite New Drama for pay television. Richmond House Productions commissioned Mr. Dixit to write the science fiction screenplay Freeworld.

Paul Campbell - Producer
It All Happens Incredibly Fast is Paul Campbell's first feature film.

Owing in part to Mr. Campbell's determination, It All Happens Incredibly Fast was the first film to be supported by ACTRA's CLIPP program (Canadian Low Budget Incentive for Performers & Producers).

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